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The Tweaker is a tool designed to provide a visual guide for the high frequency dispersion of a point source system component enabling the user to optimise the focus on the fly prior to the system being fully instated or in the absence of a CAD system design. 


The product features a 200mW laser module and 110° crosshair lens, bright enough to be visible in most auditoria*, with shutters to control the dispersion from the product aperture allowing the replication of both symmetric and asymmetric horns. The casing contains 5° increments between 10° to 55° allowing visual representation of horizontal and vertical dispersions between 20° to 110°: A 90° x 60° source, for example, able to replicated by adjusting the horizontal shutters to ±45° and vertical shutters to ±30°. The product is USB-C rechargeable with a 250mAh battery. A latching switch, casing D-loop (for use at height with a lanyard),  and 11kg pull magnet on the rear of the device are included to enable the product to be secured to a speaker grille hands free. The initial prototype of the device was able to support its own weight on a JBL Control 1 grille which was used as the benchmark for minimum grille thickness.

*depending on the size of the auditorium and brightness of the venue house lights.

How It Works

To use the device:



Refer to the manual or search online for the high frequency dispersion of the speaker you wish to focus,


Adjust the shutters to the dispersion of the speaker (90° x 60° = 45° + 45° and 30° + 30° respectively)


Place the Tweaker onto the speaker grille in line with the tweeter component.


Activate the Tweaker by pressing the switch and adjust the speaker to the desired coverage area. WARNING – User must stand behind the laser aperture on the device when operating to prevent eye injury. Laser aperture is clearly marked on the casing.

By using with the other products developed by Augment The Event; the Star Spangled Panner and Incline To Degree, the chosen speaker focus can quickly be replicated in symmetrical setups​

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Safety Note

  • The product contains a Class 3B laser module, this has been independently tested to be of a Class 3R classification outside of the laser aperture. This classification is capable of eye injury ( and therefore should be used with caution by a trained professional and must never operated by a minor,

  • A magnet has been provided on the rear of the device to enable positioning of the Tweaker. Due to the strength of this magnet the Tweaker should:

    • not be operated by a person fitted with a pacemaker.

    • be stored carefully away from a computer device containing a solid state drive (SSD) to prevent data loss.

    • be placed with care upon a speaker grille to prevent injury from a crushed finger. The strength of magnetic attraction is dictated by the thickness and number of perforations of the grille material.

  • The rear magnet should always be used in conjunction with an extendable tool lanyard attached to the casing D-loop to prevent accidental damage or injury from the the Tweaker become detached from the speaker grille.

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