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Star Spangled Panner

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The Star Spangled Panner has been designed for the events production professional to assist the realisation of a previously generated CAD design when installing a speaker, lighting fixture or projector.

In live events it is becoming increasingly common to use CAD packages such as AutoCAD or Vectorworks alongside manufacturer specific or detailed analysis software to optimise the design: An audio-specific example being d&b's ArrayCalc and AFMG's EASE. A disconnect in the realisation of this design occurs as, whilst it is easy to achieve the vertical tilt of a speaker cabinet by using an inclinometer, achieving the horizontal pan is often achieved by eye. This is what the Star Spangled Panner has been designed to address.

How It Works

The Star Spangled Panner is placed between the rigging frame yoke and clamp.  The clamp is then used as a fixed reference to determine the pan of an individual fixture or splay of adjacent fixtures using the clamp orientation as a point of reference. The Star Spangled Panner has been designed to work with all clamps supplied by Doughty that are typically used in the events industry and due to it's position is not load bearing.


Two models are available; the Star Spangled Panner Mini is intended for applications where the rigging structure orientation is known, for example a fly bar or advance truss. The Star Spangled Panner is augmented with 2 laser boxes to determine relative orientation using adjacent rigging structures, for example two pros booms. 

To setup the Star Spangled Panner and Star Spangled Panner Mini:


Mark the centre of the clamp with a paint marker.


Loosen the two M6 bolts of the retaining block and slide open.


Bolt the Star Spangled Panner between the clamp and the frame using an M12 bolt and tighten finger tight.


Slide the retaining block against the frame ensuring ±90° is square and tighten.



Slide the retaining block against the frame ensuring ±90° is square and tighten.


6. - Star Spangled Panner Only

If the orientation of the fixture is unknown, for example when the fixture is rigged on a temporary de- rig arm from a proscenium boom.


First loosen the central bolt to allow rotation.


The laser pointing at the local rigging structure allows the Star Spangled Panner to be squared once the laser beam reaches the centre of the local vertical scaffolding.


Then the central bolt must be re-tightened.


Next, ensuring the weight is supported with a line if necessary, slightly loosen the bolt securing the de-rig to the structure enough to allow rotation.


Using the opposite laser then rotate the de-rig arm until the laser reaches the centre of the opposite vertical scaffolding.


The de-rig arm can now be re-tightened and the Star Spangled Panner has been successfully zeroed.


The desired panning angle can now be set by loosening the central bolt and rotating the fixture with the marked clamp and engraved markings on the Star Spangled Panner denoting the angle.


Why Do I Need It?

  • Increases speed and accuracy of show setup.

  • Improved health and safety by decreasing the time spent at height using access equipment or using a harness.

  • Audio - Optimise the directivity of high frequency coverage according to previously generated acoustic models of a space.

  • Lighting - In events with regular turnarounds, i.e in opera, a re-focus plot can be created in conjunction with the visual focus plot to increase the overall speed and accuracy of the turnaround. Speeds up lamp re-focusing when a lamp becomes knocked.

  • AV - Allows accurate focussing of touring over-stage and front of house projectors.

How Is It Made?

The products are CNC milled out of 6082 T6 Aluminium which are then black anodised and the main plate is rotary engraved for touring durability. The laser boxes are 3D printed out of matt black PLA.​

Is My Product Compatible?

The Star Spangled Panner is designed to work with all products that have a conventional rectangular rigging frame and has been designed and tested to work with all conventional Doughty clamps. The Star Spangled Panner has been confirmed compatible with the following products:

  • d&b Y10P

  • d&b Y7P

  • d&b E6

  • d&b E3

  • EM Acoustics EMS-122

  • EM Acoustics EMS-129

  • EM Acoustics EMS-61

  • EM Acoustics R10

  • Nexo PS10

Where Can I Buy It?

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