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Incline To Degree

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The Incline To Degree has been designed for the events production professional to assist the realisation of a previously generated CAD design when installing a speaker or projector. 

In live events it is becoming increasingly common to use CAD packages such as AutoCAD or Vectorworks alongside manufacturer specific or detailed analysis software to optimise the design: An audio-specific example being d&b's ArrayCalc and AFMG's EASE. The Incline To Degree is a cost effective solution for allowing an inclinometer to remain attached to a source to speed up and increase accuracy of event system installation. The product is particularly useful for touring systems.

How It Works

The Incline To Degree is attached either via the rigging frame fixing or via the safety eyebolt.  The product has been designed to work with M8 and M10 fixings and sits flush against the source to ensure an accurate measurement. In the safety eyebolt location a custom 35mm length of threaded rod and ringnut are available to purchase which compensate for the 5mm reduction in eyebolt thread purchase. Once attached the inclinometer must be zeroed on a level surface after which the source is ready to be rigged.

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Why Do I Need It?

  • Increases speed and accuracy of show setup.

  • Improved health and safety by decreasing the time spent at height using access equipment or using a harness.

  • Allows focus checking should a fixture becomes accidentally knocked during fit-up or show running. When used in conjunction with the Star Spangled Panner accurate documentation of the horizontal and vertical setup of each component can be made. 

  • Audio - Optimise the directivity of high frequency coverage according to previously generated acoustic models of a space.

  • AV - Allows accurate focussing of touring over-stage and front of house projectors.

How Is It Made?

The product is CNC milled out of 6082 T6 Aluminium which is then black anodised. The two holes on the top plate are tapped with an M6 thread to remove the need for additional nuts and the product is supplied with 2 x 70mm countersunk black M6 bolts. ​The retaining plate is 3D printed out of matt black PLA. 

The Incline To Degree comes supplied with an inclinometer that has a stated accuracy of ±0.2° and an automatic power off time of 5 minutes. The product is supplied assembled but without batteries (2x AAA are required).

The additional eyebolts are cut to length from M8 / M10 threaded rod. The ringnuts are coated with HatoTruss Silk Matt Black emulsion for durability. 

Is My Product Compatible?

The Incline To Degree has been confirmed compatible with the following products:

  • d&b Y10P

  • d&b Y7P

  • d&b E6

  • d&b E3

  • EM Acoustics EMS-122

  • EM Acoustics EMS-129

  • EM Acoustics EMS-61

  • Nexo PS10

Where Can I Buy It?

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