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Tweaker v2

After a fairly radical redesign of the initial prototype a second design for the Tweaker has been developed based upon feedback from the UK theatre sound community; primarily members of the Association Of Sound Designers. The new design dispenses with the individual pivoting 5mW laser dots, which were difficult to see in a large auditorium, and adopts a centrally positioned 200mW laser module and crosshair lens which is then shuttered to the desired dispersion increments denoted with notches and embedded detail on the casing. From the feedback the momentary switch has been replaced with a latching switch and the casing is SLS 3D printed from PA12 Nylon for a higher quality finish and greater durability. A metal D-loop is included for affixing a tool lanyard and/or for stowing the device upon a belt carabiner.

Further details can be found here!

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