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Presenting the "Tweaker"

Although things are still slow in the events industry we’ve been busy over here at Augment The Event developing another little gadget for the sound engineer on the industry’s return. Presenting the prototype for the “Tweaker”!, for tweaking the tweeter of your speaker, a visual aid for the calibration and setup of a point source audio system component. Key features:

- 4 independently adjustable lasers to set horizontal and vertical dispersion of the source according to manufacturer instructions by align and locking the wing nut with casing indentations. - “Hands-free mode”. A strong central rear magnet allowing you to attach the Tweaker to the speaker grille (the grille needs to be a magnetic material…) - Fits nicely in your hand so won’t occupy to much of that valuable toolbox space.

Still a few final tweaks (wahey!) to make on the design before a production version is ready.

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Tweaker Kickstarter goes live!

The Tweaker kickstarter is live! If you have any sound engineer friends please point them in this direction!


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